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It is our mission to take the hassle out of your car windshield replacement or repair. Simply fill out our form or give us a call and we will handle the rest. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, the efficiency of our work and our world class customer service. As a customer of Piper Auto Glass Specialists of Arizona, you can be confident that you will receive outstanding automobile glass replacement and windshield repair services from qualified technicians in Phoenix. Best of all, we will come to you at no additional cost and can offer up to $150 cash or gifts if you have insurance and qualify for a windshield replacement!
No Hassle Repair
Depending on the severity of your chipped or cracked windshield, you may be in danger of receiving a moving violation ticket and incurring unnecessary fines. Don't wait to get your damaged car glass repaired as a crack can spread causing the windshield to become unstable and potentially implode. Our staff here at Piper understands that you probably have more important things to do and therefore will be quick and efficient in reparation to ensure you and your car are back on the AZ highway in not time!  Depending on the size of the chip, small chip repairs can usually be completed in just 30 minutes. Click or call our friendly staff today for a free quote and then schedule an appointment for our mobile auto glass repair technicians to come to your Phoenix or other valley city location.
Quality Products with Efficient Workmanship
Our services are performed by certified technicians, who are extensively trained and highly experienced in windshield repair and replacement in Phoenix, Arizona. These mobile installation technicians will inspect the damage to your car glass and determine if it can be simply repaired or need to be completely replaced. We keep the safety of our customers in mind when determining whether or not the auto glass will need to be removed and refitted or fixed through a professional sealing process. We use high quality OEM or OEM equivalent glass and industrial strength adhesives for clients who are approved to have their windshield replaced. Additionally, our glass comes with a lifetime warranty.
World Class Customer Service
Our number one priority is you! It’s important to us that we exceed your expectations throughout the entire process. At Piper, you can count on friendly, professional customer service representatives and fast mobile repair technicians who come to your Phoenix area residence or place of work. After you fill out a form, if it is during normal business hours, you can expect to hear back from a representative quickly. Our rep will confirm your information with you and schedule an appointment. We will even contact your insurance provider to verify if your insurance will cover the bill. In addition, you may also choose to call our staff via our local AZ phone number provided at the top of the page. Our goal is to make your auto glass service as simple and convenient for you as possible.
Insurance Coverage for Glass Service
In Phoenix, windshield repair may be covered by your auto insurance with no deductible. Our Piper window glass service experts will verify your coverage, initiate any necessary communication between you and your insurance provider and then fill out the necessary paperwork for you! If you have full glass coverage, insurance deductibles are usually waived for windshield replacement. It is common for drivers to be nervous about insurance rates going up when filing a claim however, auto glass replacement in most cases, is covered under “no fault” claims and will not increase your premium. This information will be verified by our team to avoid any last minute surprises. Likewise, don’t forget to ask our rep how you can receive up to $150 in cash and gifts with your insured Phoenix, Arizona windshield replacement service!
Dangers of Auto Glass Damage
Having a cracked or chipped windshield is not only an eye sore, but having a faulty auto glass can also be a danger to you and your passengers. A car’s windscreen and windows are used as a safety precaution for the passenger. In an accident, the windshield is used to transfer the impact of the crash through the front of the car rather than the interior of the car. Faulty automobile glass can shatter in a collision causing damage to the interior of the car and its passengers. In addition, if the front glass shatters, there is a chance of the car’s roof caving in or the passengers being ejected.
Importance of Chip Repairs
Due to the high temperatures in Phoenix, auto glass repair is especially important because a small crack can grow ever larger from the heat and thus put the whole windshield at risk of shattering. Heat is a known factor in causing additional damage to chips and warping of your car's glass. Tiny chips on the windshield are usually fairly unnoticeable so many people don’t feel that it is necessary to have it fixed. However, even if the damage to your car glass is just a small chip, you run the risk of that chip turning into a much larger crack; this could happen just by going over a large speed bump or hitting a pothole.  Chip repair, through filling and sealing, is less costly than a replacement (depending on if you have auto insurance and your premium) and could be a cheap solution to protect your car long term. Don’t put yourself in an unsafe situation by driving around with chipped or cracked auto glass in Arizona. Get your Phoenix windshield replacement quote and appointment set up today with Piper!
Major Arizona Cities Where Piper Auto Glass Specialists Service:
History: The largest city in Arizona and first collectively settled by Hohokam Indians who used canal systems for farming. Agriculture was the primary producer for Phoenix until the 1940's; specifically cotton, citrus, cattle and copper. The invention of air conditioning played a huge role in the population growth of Phoenix.
Driver Resources: Keep your automobile and glass from unneeded repairs and inconvenient traffic jams by utilizing the Phoenix freeway travel times information here: - This data is now available via mobile phone so you can access anywhere, any time. To further benefit citizens to avoid accidents and traffic congestion, the city of Phoenix provides free access to public road and freeway cameras here:
MVD Location: Arizona MVD, 221 East Olympic Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85042
Zip Codes: 85001, 85005, 85009, 85013, 85017, 85021, 85025, 85029, 85033, 85037, 85041, 85045, 85051, 85060, 85064, 85068, 85072, 85076, 85082, 85097, 85002, 85006, 85010, 85014, 85018, 85022, 85026, 85030, 85034, 85038, 85042, 85046, 85053, 85061, 85065, 85069, 85073, 85078, 85083, 85098, 85003, 85007, 85011, 85015, 85019, 85023, 85027, 85031, 85035, 85039, 85043, 85048, 85054, 85062, 85066, 85070, 85074, 85079, 85085, 85099, 85004, 85008, 85012, 85016, 85020, 85024, 85028, 85032, 85036, 85040, 85044, 85050, 85055, 85063, 85067, 85071, 85075, 85080, 85086
Area Codes: 480, 602 and 623
History: The third largest city in Arizona and is located in Maricopa County. In 1878, Mesa was officially registered as a townsite which was one square mile. The name Mesa was chosen due to the first land plot being built on top of an actual mesa; surrounded by canals that were enlarged over the original Hohokam waterways. Within the first few years it had 300 occupants who called it home and were mostly Mormon settlers originally from Utah.
Driver Resources: Avoid potential car and windshield damage with the free Mesa road and traffic conditions page here: - This is a unique resource as it allows residents to post instant traffic advisories which can help assist others who are in the area.
MVD Location: 4123 E Valley Auto Dr, Mesa, AZ 85206
Zip Codes: 85201, 85204, 85207, 85210, 85213, 85216, 85277, 85202, 85205, 85208, 85211, 85214, 85274, 85203, 85206, 85209, 85212, 85215, 85275
Area Code: 480
History: Similar to other AZ cities and their history in the Phoenix metropolitan area, Scottsdale was first inhabited by the Hohokam Indians who built a vast canal system, some stretching as far as 250 miles. In 1894, the area which is currently Downtown Scottsdale, first registered the name to honor the original Army Chaplain settler and farmer Winfield Scott. Before that time, the area was referred to as Orangedale because of the large citrus groves planted by Scott in years past.
Driver Resources: The 101 freeway skirts through the East and North of Scottsdale, AZ. Since the freeway is lined with gravel and no significant barrier, this is an area of high probability to incur chips and even cracks to your windshield. You can avoid unwanted auto glass replacement and car damage in Scottsdale by steering clear of the freeway and using side streets (Hayden Rd. or Scottsdale Rd.) as well as staying current with free traffic and road conditions located here:
MVD Location: 7339 E Paradise Ln, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Zip Codes: 85250, 85252, 85255, 85257, 85259, 85261, 85266, 85271, 85251, 85254, 85256, 85258, 85260, 85262, 85267
Area Code: 480
Area Code: 480
History: In 1887, William John Murphy first used the name Glendale to describe the northern valley land to investors and settlers out of state. Lured to the new town because of an alcohol ban, these individuals helped shape Glendale into a bustling western town which included a direct road to Phoenix and railroad to Prescott. Glendale is lovingly referred to by it's residents and news sources as "Arizona's Antique Capital".
Driver Resources: It's easy now to avoid traffic jams and dangerous construction projects which can lead to flat tires and damaged windshields requiring repair. The city of Glendale provides a vast array of local information relating to neighborhood, transit services and traffic data including city restrictions and lane closures here:
MVD Location: 16380 N 59th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85306
Zip Codes: 85069, 85302, 85304, 85306, 85308, 85311, 85318, 85301, 85303, 85305, 85307, 85310, 85312
Area Codes: 602 and 623
History: Located north of Phoenix in Maricopa County, Apache Junction is a small city of the valley which borders the Superstition mountains. The origins of the name came from the old Apache Trail and the US Route 60 junction. Interesting features include Goldfield Ghost Town, which is preserved from the prospector days and a known tourist destination.
Driver Resources: If you live in Apache Junction, you can get daily traffic advisories and road condition updates here: - This free tool includes a map to pinpoint areas to avoid which can help ensure a pleasant and safe driving experience.
MVD Location: 575 N Idaho Rd #600, Apache Junction, AZ 85119
Zip Codes: 85117, 85120, 85217, 85219, 85278, 85119, 85178, 85218, 85220
Area Code: 480
History: Founded in 1891 by the first veterinary surgeon in Arizona, Dr. Alexander John Chandler. After amassing 18,000 acres, he went on to create a townsite called Chandler Ranch and by 1913 it included the Hotel San Marcos; the first golf resort in AZ. Motorola, Intel and Microchip all have facilities that reside in Chandler and since the 1990's, it is ranked as one of the fastest growing cities in the entire nation.
Driver Resources: Maintain your auto glass and vehicle from unnecessary repairs or replacement by using the online road condition and construction data provided by the city of Chandler here: - This helpful resource is provided for free and consistently updated to ensure Chandler citizens are aware of new developments in their vicinity that pertain to traffic, lane closures, accidents and more.
MVD Location: 50 South Beck Ave., Chandler, AZ 85226
Zip Codes: 85224, 85225, 85226, 85244, 85246, 85248, 85249, 85286
Area Code: 480
History: In 1902, William Gilbert gave land to the Arizona Eastern Railway to build a railroad that would stretch from Phoenix to Florence, AZ. By 1912, many Mormons settled in Gilbert, having fled their Mexican colonies because of Pancho Villa and forces loyal to him. Population was less than 6,000 until 1980 whereby it has increased exponentially each year and as of 2010, was reported at 208,453 (see
Driver Resources: Avoid potential chips and cracks to your windshield by keeping current with the traffic and lane closure updates provided by the city of Gilbert here: - This free compilation of info includes a map to show where construction or new building projects are located.
MVD Services Location: 2915 E Baseline Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85234
Zip Codes: 85233, 85234, 85295, 85296, 85297, 85298, 85299
Area Code: 480
History: A large part of the settlement growth of Tempe occurred in 1865 when Fort McDowell was established only 25 miles east from what is present day Tempe Town Lake. Hayden's Ferry was the original name adopted for the area. This is because there was an operational canal system where Salt River is and the main crossing was where modern day Mill Avenue is. In addition to the waterway crossing, Tempe was also intersected by the Maricopa and Phoenix railways, linking the town to other developing cities. Home to ASU, one of the largest campuses in the United States and also home to the yearly Fiesta Bowl Parade, Tempe is a thriving and progressive city that draws national attention consistently.
Driver Resources: Car drivers in Tempe can now get useful information to help reduce potential glass chips, cracks and unwanted auto repairs by accessing the following: - This interactive map shows crashes, delays, closures, restrictions and more inconvenient and dangerous incidents to avoid. Make your driving in Tempe a safe and rewarding experience each day with this free resource.
MVD Location: 1703 E Larkspur Ln, Tempe, AZ 85281
Zip Codes: 85280, 85281, 85282, 85283, 85284, 85285, 85287
Area Code: 480
Information: Located in both Maricopa and Yavapi counties, Peoria is a major suburb of Phoenix and the sixth largest city of Arizona. Interestingly, the name was chosen after Peoria, Illinois and means "Prairie Fire". Development in Peoria, AZ became extensive in the 1990's until present and the city hosts many sports teams as well as being voted a top 100 destination to live in 2008 by Money magazine.
Driver Resources: Using the freeway in Peoria, AZ is a common choice as the 101 runs through the north and west of the city. This freeway is lined with loose gravel and limited barriers which can result in serious chips and even cracks to your auto glass. To avoid many of these instances consider taking side streets and if freeway transit is necessary, keep away from the rear of large vehicles without mud flaps as they tend to fling rocks long distances. For additional Peoria road condition news and lane closure updates, please find free city resources here:
Zip Codes: 85345, 85380, 85381, 85382, 85383, 85385
Area Code: 623
History: An interesting city south of Phoenix and often referred to as "the world's largest cul-de-sac" due in part because of the difficulty in accessing the community through few roads and bridges. Ahwatukee was annexed from PHX from 1982-1987 but after time, the state and city purchased land parcels and the growth of the town has flourished in recent years. The name is basically translated in more words or less, "The Nice Side of the Hill".
Driver Resources: Ahwatukee is situated on the border of South Mountain Park and is mostly still desert in between housing communities and places of business. Because the desert and gravel border the roads, there is probability for Ahwatukee residents to incur windshield chips, breaks and cracks from the loose stones that end up in the street. Tips to avoid glass replacement for your automobile: Follow the speed limit, give cars in front of you enough space and don't follow speeders as they have a higher chance of kicking up rocks and debris.
Zip Codes: 85044, 85045, 85048
Area Code: 480
History: A relatively new city of AZ, incorporated in 1989 and given the name because of the large man-made lake and fountain in the center of the town. The fountain is a draw for locals and tourists as it shoots water over 550 feet in the air in the air for a few minutes at each stroke of the hour. Fountain Hills is located roughly 30 minutes of driving east of Scottsdale.
Driver Resources: As in other desert towns with rocky landscape that borders most of the roads, drivers in Fountain Hills are encouraged to follow the speed limit and stay a good distance from the rear of other vehicles in an effort to avoid unnecessary vehicle window and windshield repairs. For more information related to road conditions and lane closures in Fountain Hills, please go to:
MVD Services Location: 12625 N Saguaro Blvd #114, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268
Zip Codes: 85268, 85269
Area Code: 480
Snapshot of Arizona Communities where Piper Offers Services
Below is a growing list of Arizona communities in which Piper provides mobile automobile glass repair where our technicians come to you. If you live in the valley of Phoenix and neighboring cities, our AGSC certified techs provide home, office and work appointments that are fast and convenient. Whether you live in a community that is mentioned below or not, we can help any potential clients living in the Phoenix metro area, even as far away as Tucson. Get your glass fixed while you are working or simply at home relaxing. We look forward to giving you a cheap price quote through our online form or by phone call today!
  • San Tan Valley
  • Desert Ridge
  • Biltmore Area
  • Old Town Scottsdale
  • Downtown Phoenix
  • McCormick Ranch
  • Optima Camelview
  • The Boulders
  • North Scottsdale
  • Paradise Valley
  • Litchfield Park
  • Downtown Tempe
  • DC Ranch
  • Cactus Corridor
  • Tatum Highlands
  • Ancala
  • Grayhawk
  • Pinnacle Peak Area
  • McDowell Mountain Ranch
  • Old Town Scottsdale
  • Downtown Phoenix
  • Arcadia
  • Stonegate
  • Airpark
  • Carefree
  • Cave Creek
  • Desert Mountain
  • Troon North
  • Kierland
  • Scottsdale Waterfront
  • Desert Highlands
  • Civic Center
General List of Common Car Makes We Service
While we showcase many makes of cars below, we typically can provide auto glass replacement and repair services for all types and styles of cars from the 1980's to the present day. In many cases, we can also locate correct OEM glass for automobiles that were made before 1980. Click or call our friendly staff in Phoenix today and receive a free windshield replacement quote and cash back offer with appointment scheduling!
  • AUDI
  • BMW
  • FIAT
  • FORD
  • GMC
  • JEEP
  • KIA
  • MG
  • MINI
  • SAAB