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Tips to Protect Your Vehicle Glass from Heat & Temperature Damage
It's often assumed that the chip or crack in your windshield is only caused by flying debris. While this is usually the case, other factors can play into a small crack and one of the most common is extreme temperature changes and also extreme heat. Being in Arizona, drivers don't experience the severe cold that plagues the Midwest and Northern United States however, temperature changes in the desert can be significant depending on the time of year as well as the weather patterns. It's not uncommon to have days 30 degrees or more hotter than nights as the desert does not retain heat well because of the lack of vegetation and altitude. Simple ways to protect your car and glass would be to garage it and if that is not possible, to at least put a cover over it at night. Both of these options will keep the temperature more consistent than being exposed to the raw elements.
If you have a small chip or even a thin crack in your windshield, it's a normal tendency to just leave it or even ignore it, assuming it won't get worse and isn't a bother. In places with consistently mild temperatures such as Hawaii, this may be the case but in Arizona it's definitely not. The winters can be cold and the summers are known to be some of the hottest on record in the entire United States. Additionally, your vehicle is like an oven in that temperatures outside are magnified inside and this is due in part to no air circulation. The heat penetrates through the car and increases (especially in direct exposure to the sun) and if your windows are not rolled down then it will accumulate resulting in your car interior reaching temperatures 20-25+ degrees hotter than outside.
Imagine if your car is sitting outside in the summer with no sun shade and windows rolled up. If it's 110 degrees outside, you can expect your automobile to be 130-140 degrees! This extreme heat displaces the chemical composition in your windshield and causes it to be unstable, thus making a small crack spread and fracture quickly. The integrity of your car glass can go from a tiny crack or even a chip, only needing a professional repair, to overnight requiring an entire replacement! The best tip to avoid an unnecessary replacement would be to quickly have your minuscule damage repaired by professionals as they can fill in the area of issue which will protect it from further spreading. A Phoenix auto glass repair service is easier, cheaper and more convenient than replacing the whole piece. It's also suggested to not attempt to complete this job with a home kit or doing it yourself as these solutions offered for home use typically result in a lower quality fill and in some cases fail to stop the spread of cracks and even can make it worse.
In summary, your vehicle glass is comprised of two sheets of glass that sandwich a thin piece of vinyl. Typical small crack and chip damage will not penetrate through the whole piece of glass but coupled with extreme Arizona heat or severe changes in temperature, it can happen and quickly! The pressure increase from significant heat or the pressure decrease and then increase from varying temperatures is what causes the spreading of glass damage. Save yourself the inconvenience of glass replacement by getting your issue fixed promptly and keeping your car either covered or garaged. Even before this, consider using alternate streets instead of consistent freeway use as it's a known fact that most damage caused by debris come from the interstate highways.