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AZ  Windshield Laws
General Info: The Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) has relevant laws that pertain to all states when it comes to windshield visibility. The area that is most crucial is directly in front of the driver in a rough square that extends from above the steering wheel to within 2 inches of the top and 1 inch left and right of the edge of the glass. In this area, one crack can go through it and not have an issue of citation. This is the minimum requirement for visibility. If this crack spiders or there is any other impediment or discoloration which obstructs the area of driver visibility, the law requires that the owner of the vehicle must get a replacement.
Arizona's Unique Laws: While all states have a mandatory windshield visibility law in which damage cannot impede the driver's view, Arizona is unique in that there is no specific size defined to follow to equate if a driver should receive a ticket and be required to replace with new auto glass. It is left in the hands of local law enforcement to decide on a case by case basis if the visual impairment can be left alone or if the vehicle owner should receive a citation. Under state law 28.957.01, it reads that the automobile must have an adequate windshield. Since this is a generalized description and does not spell out size of visual impairment, there are varying costs of ticket per county.
Summary: If you have a minor crack that is in your line of site when driving, it is suggested to have it repaired at the least to stop it spreading and thus becoming illegal under Arizona state law. In other cases where drivers have a chip that is in their line of site, while it may not be against state law, it still can pose a risk of worsening as well as potentially becoming a distraction which could lead to dangers while driving that could be avoided. Windshield damage is not only a visual impairment, it also affects your profit margin should you decide to sell your car. Having clean and clear glass, through windshield replacement in Phoenix, is highly recommended as you look through it constantly while on the road and it plays a very important role in driver safety.